University of Pittsburgh

The Dickson Prize in Medicine

Committee Members

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  • Nathan N. Urban, PhD, Professor of Neurobiology


  • Susanne E. Ahmari, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
  • Derek C. Angus, MD, MPH, Distinguished Professor of Critical Care Medicine, Dr. Mitchell P. Fink Professor and Chair of Critical Care Medicine
  • Karen Arndt, PhD, Professor of Biological Sciences, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
  • Kara Bernstein, PhD, Associate Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
  • Leah Byrne, PhD, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology and of Neurobiology
  • Anne-Ruxandra Carvunis, PhD, Assistant Professor of Computational and Systems Biology
  • Greg Delgoffe, PhD, Assistant Professor of Immunology
  • Terence Dermody, MD, Vira I. Heinz Professor and Chair of Pediatrics, Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics 
  • Toren Finkel, MD, PhD, Beckwith Professor of Translational Medicine, Professor of Medicine, Division of Cardiology
  • Thomas W. Kensler, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology
  • James M. Pipas, PhD, Herbert W. and Grace Boyer Professor of Molecular Biology
  • Sruti S. Shiva, PhD, Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology
  • Peter L. Strick, PhD, Dr. Thomas Detre Professor of Neuroscience and Distinguished Professor and Chair of Neurobiology
  • Gary Thomas, PhD, Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
  • Gerard Vockley, MD, PhD, Cleveland Family Professor of Pediatric Research, Professor of Pediatrics; Professor of Human Genetics, Graduate School of Public Health
  • Ora A. Weisz, PhD, Professor of Medicine and of Cell Biology